What types of cases does Phillips Law Group handle?
Our firm handles a variety of cases on both the defense and plaintiff's side. Some examples  of our practice areas are: criminal defense, DUI, personal injury and traffic law. However, this list is not exhaustive. Individuals with legal issues should contact our office to determine if your case is one that we would handle.

What is the per se legal limit for DUI in Georgia?
The per se limit for DUI in Georgia is .08 for persons 21 and older.

If my test result is .08 or above, should I automatically plead guilty?
No. Each case should be evaluated on an individual basis. Such an evaluation should take into account, the specific facts involving your case, mitigating circumstances, and any legal defenses which may exist.

Is having a criminal case dismissed the same as having my record expunged?
No. If you were arrested for your charges, the incident remains on your record, even if you are acquitted (found not guilty) of your charges.

What is arraignment?
Arraignment is the procedure whereby a defendant is informed of the charge(s) pending against him or her and the Court inquires as to how the defendant pleads to the charge(s).

What is a bench trial?
A bench trial is a trial held before a judge, without a jury. In a bench trial, the judge decides the issue(s) presented.

Who does the insurance adjuster work for?
The insurance adjuster works for the insurance company. His or her job is to act in a manner that protects the best interest of the insurance company.

What does "statute of limitations" mean?
In civil cases, it is the specified time period in which an individual must bring a lawsuit or enforce certain rights. In criminal cases, it is the specified time period in which the prosecution must initiate a criminal proceeding.

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